Repeat. I must remember I have children.

Today I was so engrossed in a work deadline that I completely forgot to collect two of my gorgeous ratbags from school. Thankfully, my other half interupted my concentration with a phone call. At which point I glanced at the top of the computer screen. Glanced again. Squinted hard and slowly my brain translated the 24hr clock into real time.


A mad sprint down the road in a heavy cloud burst which it seems I’d also failed to notice, passing lots of lovely mummy’s on their way home who hadn’t forgotten they had children. And there they were, sat like two bewildered orphans, safely waiting behind the glass door. Not red faced, not out of breath, not with wet hair plastered to their forehead. And with no hint of smeared mascara oozing into the crows feet lines.

Bless their sweet neglected little cotton socks. With such a joyous “we love you mummy” reunion I’m quite tempted to do it again.