Light at the end of another bad mummy day.

I took the Christmas decorations down today, on the eve of the mother of all eve’s. I left the window stickers up and the door wreath on just in case anyone should shout humbug from the street. And although I am loathed to type it and take one step closer to morphing into my Mother. The phrase, “Well that’s it for another year” is just itching to leave my lips.
And I must admit to a touch of the blues. December certainly is the key month to take one manically, over stretched woman, treble her daily to do list and then sit back and wait for the tinsel to hit the fan.
My tinsel hit the fan (again) today when ratbags 1 and 2 were once more messing around at the dinner table. After a few stern warnings which went totally unheeded I blew and lunch ended in tears and carnage.
Now I know I’m not the worst mother in the world. I haven’t sold their favourite teddy yet for fag money or raided their piggy banks to buy myself a fabulous new pair of shoes but Mary Poppins or Maria von Trapp have very little to worry about. In fact from where I’m placed they are but mere specks in the distance.
Sadly not for the first time this month I have found myself standing at the kitchen sink or sitting behind the wheel severely questioning my parental abilities. Wondering if I’m actually cut out for this job. A little bit horse, gate and bolt as I have 4 little ones already. Thankfully there is light at the end of this blog.

In the form of a large dark room.

Rather than bring bedtime forward by seven hours I bundled my brood into the car and headed to the cinema.
The film in question “Rise of the Guardians” is another Dreamworks spectacular. It is about the evil Pitch Black who plans to engulf the world in darkness by unleashing nightmares and terror into the hearts of children. By wiping out all hope, happiness and wonder he can destroy the Guardians aka Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy, the Easterbunny and the Sandman? (think of the song, Mr Sandman, bring me your dreams). And in my humble opinion, it was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Transporting me away from my misery and failings into an amazing world of wonder and delight. Animation rules forever.