Simple ideas to get you through the first year!

Here at Bunny HQ, the youngest of the Brothers Smith has an impending bambino arrival in April.

It seems that there are lots of people expecting at the moment. There must have been something in the air eight months ago!

This has provoked some conversations here around first babies, first pregnancies and mainly, those things that you simply cannot live without.

So here are some of Rufus Rabbit’s Top Bunny Tips.

A Thermos flask or cup. Amanda (our Marketing & sales girl) found that the absolute genius suggestion of using a thermos mug for cups of tea in the early days was a bit of a lifesaver. She had begun to get to the point where she was convinced she would never drink a hot beverage ever again.

Jersey Baby Sling. Amanda also swore by the sling that she had strapped to her body. Even now, she is hopeless at negotiating a pushchair around anywhere and found having ‘hands free’ brilliant. Her baby boy also seemed to take major comfort in being close to her all of the time and she thinks it’s about the only time in his life that he slept well!!

Hand cream and lip balm left in the main feeding areas were a godsend and at least three baskets of nappy changing stuff scattered around the house made life so much easier with everything within quick reach.

A box set. Discovered on Rufus’ third baby. The TV would be set up ready to go before going to bed, then when the night shift started bringing the baby downstairs for feeding meant the whole set of Desperate Housewives was consumed. Despite now not being able to remember any of it now, it made those twilight hour feeds so much more bearable.

Another handy tip. Hide at least 2 nappies at the back of the airing cupboard for the moment when you realise you have run out and you are completely marooned in the house with a sleeping child. The joy when you remember your nappy stash is immense.

Things we wished we’d known about from the kick off…..

Best cream for nappy rash Bepanthen. The ‘magic purple cream'(Lansinoh) is the most amazing lip balm, aside from using it for what it is meant for.

Colief drops, expensive but if you are bottle feeding and at the point where you’d donate an organ just to get some respite from colic then these are worth a try.

Cake. This is allowed at any time of the day and in any quantities necessary. The medicinal qualities of cake are yet to be proven by sciencists but we don’t need a little man in a white coat to tell us what we already know. Cake can save your sanity.

Friends that bring food are the BEST friends. Fill up your freezer with food parcels and drop heavy “feed me” hints to any family eager to help.

Best piece of advice?

“Do whatever it takes to get you through to the next day, bad habits can be fixed within two weeks, broken Mummies take much longer”

So, have you any words of advice? Any amazingly simple but effective suggestions?

Send them our way and we’ll post them up for the newbies and not so newbies to use or ignore as they see fit.