Where’s the manual?

Where’s the manual?

I have spent the last two years frequently asking this question. As The Cyborg turns two at the end of this month, I question how we managed to get here without so much as an instruction manual. I also question how sometimes, days (and nights) can seem so very long yet two years seems to have whizzed by.

I am a huge Facebook fan and I realised when recently having a look through my timeline, how much of The Cyborg’s life has been discussed and documented on FaceyB. Such a strange phenomenon really, that so much of our life is lived out in a virtual world. I can remember The Cyborg’s early days when the witching hour feeds were made a little easier with smart phone in one hand and the power of Facebook and my friends across the Globe keeping me company and chatting with me.

The world of Social Media seems to be enormous and sometimes, a little confusing. What is private? What isn’t? Who can see what and where? Settings this, settings that and settings the other. What does each social media platform offer and how does it offer it. Eeeek!!! Well, I found an awesome way of describing the various platforms and frankly, the only thing it’s really missing is a cup of coffee somewhere (apologies for all those on New Years diets).

Twitter I’m eating a #doughnut

Facebook I like doughnuts

Foursquare This is where I eat doughnuts

Instagram Here’s a vintage image of my doughnut

YouTube Here I am eating a doughnut

LinkedIn My skills include eating doughnuts

Pinterest Here’s a doughnut recipe

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