Not your regular bad luck bad news but the type you can’t do anything about.

A number of years ago bad news didn’t just knock at the door, it brought a coach load of pals, smashed it off its hinges and took over our home. Loosing three very special people to illness in a short space of time had as you might expect, a profound effect.

It confirmed my belief that there is no higher being in charge of our destiny. Punishing, rewarding and testing us at random. No heaven, no happy ever after for all those deemed to be worthy.

However this realization didn’t come with any feelings of bitterness or fear or sense of being cheated. Nor did it affect my respect for those who do believe, whatever works for you is all good by me.

My realization came with a smile, with excitement, it truly felt like a pop of clarity.

I know what life is about and would you believe it, all before I’m forty!

In a nutshell, you are born and at some point you will die. And that is it. There is nothing else nor should there be. What we have now, life, is truly the ultimate gift. Not to be squandered or wasted or taken for granted. You get one go at it, so crack on, stop waiting for it to start.

Each person has their unique life card and most of us are fortunate enough to know our start date and thankfully most of us are fortunate enough not to know our expiry date.
The challenge is to fill your card to the best of your abilities with things that make you happy. To be aware that bad times will find you and you have absolutely no control over these but here’s the good news. You can create ALL of your own good times and even better, there is no limit to these.

And the reason I am sharing all this meaning of life waffle with you today?

Well bad news found my door again, not your regular bad luck bad news but the type you can’t do anything about.

My Mum has breast cancer.

Believers would start the prayer machine around about now but if you’ve managed to read this far you’ll know I don’t have one of those. However I do believe in positive energy so if you have some wellwishes to spare, please send some her way.
My Mum is an incredibly strong lady, one of my heroes in fact and on a positive note the Doctors think they may have caught it early but she will need a full masectomy.

She has had more than her fair share of tough hurdles to jump these last few years but she works exceptionally hard on creating those aforementioned good times. So when she has cleared this next hurdle it’ll be time to top up that happy bucket.

So maybe now is as good a moment as any to pause, take a look around you and do something today to fill your own good times bucket xxx