Making the most of a 36hr pass out.

Rufus Rufus where have you been?

I’ve been to London and soaked up a designers visual dream!

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This Mummy of four has truly enjoyed and SO made the most of her 36hr pass.

There really are some marvellous perks to turning 40 and I feel satisfyingly smug that I’ve managed to celebrate my big 4 O milestone and those of my friends for almost the entire year.

My latest responsibilities escape came in the perfect form of a girly catch up with one of my dearest uni pals in the newly opened boutique hotel, The Ham Yard. We are talking a seriously proper treat.

Situated in the heart of bustling Piccadilly, it was a bomb site. Quite literally. It hadn’t been touch since the second world war and it is now an oasis of design gorgeousness. With the added bonus of excellent service, awesome cocktails and delicious bar snack treats. And at the risk of being busted as a cougar, some very, very cute bell boys…

“Is there anything else I can help you with tonight”. . . cue rabbit in the headlight moment as I choke back the witty/letchy remark dancing on the tip of my tongue.

So in 36hrs I caught up on 3 months of friendship gossip. Started and finished an awesome book. Enjoyed a new, same again please Mr Barman, cocktail of choice (Pear 76) from the roof garden terrace. Delighted over the views of a sun drenched London skyline. I marvelled at the prices of the art at the RA summer exhibition, seriously £8K for that. (You can take the girl out of Derbados but …)

I shopped. I pampered and preened. I people watched and dined out ALL without having to wipe a single bottom except my own. Now that in my book constitutes as an absolutely awesome weekend.

So if you are lucky enough to escape to our nation’s capital here a few places from Rufus Rabbit’s highly recommended …

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I’m very in love with Busaba Eathai’s signature dish of the peppered calamari. This is worth the train ticket to London on it’s own. Busaba has three restaurants but I’ve only been to the Soho one. It’s a bit like a grown up version of Wagamama’s and serves the most delicious thai food. It’s always busy, very easy going, about £8 a dish and well worth a visit.


I’ve got a thing for the Portrait Gallery at the mo and will be heading back here on my next “walkabout” day. I’ve always found it really friendly and not at all intimidating but if paintings aren’t your thing go there anyway for a meal or a drink. The restaurant overlooks Trafalgar Sq and you are almost at eyeball level with Nelson. The food is good and the views are ace and it won’t break your bank balance.


Think Coyote Ugly english style and you’ll get close to Archer Street on Archer Street in Soho. This club has two floors, downstairs is younger and hip and upstairs feels more wrinkle friendly. There is no pretension, just people out for a good boogie enjoying the 3 or 4 professional singers who randomly get up onto tables and belt out an awesome tune. It’s £15 to get in, drinks are the usual scary London price but the atmosphere is great.


If you are a textile or design junkie then it has to be The Ham Yard as mention above. The couple who put this place together, interior designer Kit Kemp and her husband Tim have built their boutique hotel chain from scratch and it’s a real treat to stay there. The pillows and duvet are exactly as you’d want them! It has a cinema, a bowling alley, a beauty spa and just so much cool stuff to look at including crocodiles on the dance floor. Start saving up and scouring the tinternet for last minute deals and I promise you won’t be disappointed.