Rufus Rabbit mummy bunny babble goes live!

Well here we are on the eve of Rufus’s website going live and the launch of the very first entry of my bunny babble blog. My 4th darling son of 5 months is exercising his vocal chords over the baby monitor because he’s rolled onto his back and can’t roll back. He did this on and off for 3 hours last night much to ours and the neighbour’s joy.

Excuse me one moment……..

O.k, sorry about that, one little baby back on his tummy, some gentle sssshhhing and peace has been restored.

Think we are in for another long night. Would it be wrong to sew lots of Velcro to his babygrow?

Anyway, where was I. Oh yes, bunny babbles. So a brief bit about me and Rufus and then I’ll crack on.

I am a mother of 4 young boys. Ages 7, 5, 3 and 5m and I’ve been married to my other half for 8 glorious, never a cross word spoken, Snow White singing to the little forest animals, happy years. I’m only a year away from the big 40 but still think of myself as a girl.

I actually believed you only reached full blown womanhood when you started wearing stockings and court shoes. As I’m still predominantly in pumps and jeans I figure I’m still young. However, the shock, when I catch sight of my reflection and see all these little boys darting round a permanently yawning, wrinkled woman, and realise it’s me … What the hell happened?

When did I get old enough to have children? And so many?

When I’m not picking up toys and dirty pants. Planning the next “don’t like it” dinner. Scrapping dried Shreddies off the breakfast table or being a UN peacekeeper to the latest Lego breaking outrage. Then I am me. A greeting card designer with a love of animals, especially dogs and the creator of Rufus Rabbit, a boutique baby and mummy gift collection.

Rufus Rabbit began life as a greeting card character who makes up facts loosely based on real life. Inspiration came from a Weatherspoons promotional menu and my habit for plucking unverified facts from nowhere to strengthen my case in an argument. Rufus hit the ground running with 48 designs. In hindsight, rather a lot for a new collection as we normally launch with a conservative 12.

That was almost 2 and a half years ago and the development of the baby range followed a year later. It was previewed in the February of 2011 and the first wave of stock made it into the shops in the July. However Rufus had his true trade show outing last September and he is officially about to celebrate his first birthday with the launch of this blog.

Happy Birthday Rufus!

Can I just add that I have absolutely no business accumen and my only knowledge of the baby market comes from having had some of my own. So basically we are winging it with this venture and despite having been in the card and gift industry for the last 14 years, we feel like newbies all over again.

The “we” includes my oldest brother who bought half of my company 9 years ago. It’s thanks to him and my little brother who is also a partner  that I am in the extremely lucky position of having a job and a family life.

I’ve just realised the brief intro I promised has gone on a bit so I’ll cut it short.

I promise the next entry will have something useful in it. I’m working on features that include

Top mummy bunny tips

Baby bunny amusing musings

Best websites and items to fritter your hard earned pennies away on.

Most talented,inspiring,wonderful people to know about

Rant of the month, this will be cyclical.

Best thing that happened this week

Things I’ll probably never cross off my To Do list

And the rest I’ll make up as I go along. Goodnight and thank you for reading!