Mary, Mary quite contrary……

Mary, Mary quite contrary……

Here at Bunny HQ we like to have fun and a giggle but we’re also pretty keen on some serious issues too.Don’t panic – we’re not about to begin ranting about anything.

We are big fans of lots of charities and the work they do, and one we love is Save the Children’s Living & Giving, spear headed by retail rescue magnate, Mary Portas (I think maybe I just really, really like her hair).

The Living & Giving Shops for Save the Children were established in 2009 from a philosophy created for Save the Children by Mary Portas.

Run by local people for local people, Mary’s Living & Giving Shops are a collaboration of people’s ideas, values and beliefs. They are community hubs. They are where you can come to find inspiration, share a bit of local news, a skill, the time of day.

Every item donated or sold through the shops is used to fund the vital work done at Save the Children. And at a time when global brands, shopping centres and the internet play an ever-increasing role in our lives, they offer a revolutionary antidote – a human and ethical shopping experience.

We’ve just this minute finished bundling the latest boxes of goodies together for the opening of the latest store in Wandsworth so look out for a Rufus appearance and if you see him there, let us know!