Competition time

Competition time

It’s not just any competition…

SOOOOOOOO…… there is, apparently, a date this month. Around about the 14th

where it’s a chance to get a little bit slushy with that special person in your life.

Now, here at Bunny HQ, we LOVE Mr Marks and Mr Spencer’s Dine in for £10 to get around the babysitter problem or the fully booked restaurant (or indeed the, maybe I should make a bit of an effort). And as you know, we like to share the love here. So, get

your liking and sharing going on and a £10 M&S gift card could be winging its

way to you. And for good measure, we’ll pop in a valentines card for you to use.

And if you don’t fancy the Dine in for a Tenner, check out some of our favourites

to spend your hard earned gift card on.

1. Milk chocolate with salted Butterscotch. Oh my goodness does Running Rufus love this. This is a none sharer. Not with anyone. All to yourself, preferably with a piping hot brew. And definitely to all be eaten in one sitting. And they are so so pretty. The patterns are glorious. Amazing. £10 will get you 5 of these.

2. Flowers. My lovely lovely friend bought me some lillies two weeks ago and they are still going strong now. They are my favourite pink, they smell incredible, look gorgeous and seem to go on forever. Definitely worth putting £10 towards.

3. Macaroons. Do we really need to say any more. Maybe apply the same rules to these as number 1?!

4. Dine in for £10. BARGAIN!!! And always yummy and always feels a little bit posher than your average “bung it in the oven”

This competition is a quick one, we’ll draw 5 winning names from the hat on Friday morning (the 7th) so we can get your card and voucher in the post the same day. Bunny good luck to you all xxx