The little box that could save your relationship.

It comes in a little box and might just save your relationship post children.

Box set binge sessions. So here’s the thing. Having four children in seven years not only destroys your social life but also plays havoc with your television viewing.

Just to be able to function on the most simplest of levels my bedtime hour is now 8.30pm. Which is a bit of a bugger when all great drama starts at 10pm and you don’t have Sky+. (Got it now, how did we ever manage before?!.) No 24hr, No West Wing, No Sopranos, No Dexter and No The Wire.

Until now.

Have you seen The Wire?

First the uber cool, what’s hot crowd started watching it and before too long the rest of the world had caught up.

Now allow for a massive period of time to elapse and then start a whole new category for people who have:

a) been in a coma,

b) kidnapped by aliens or

c) just had loads of kids in a really short space of time.

Thankfully the world invented box sets. The saviour of our evening entertainment/social lives.

Now the beauty of a boxset is:

1. No waiting a week for the next episode.

2. You can have couple time together without having to make the effort to hold a conversation.

3. It’s super cheap especially if you borrow it and there is no babysitter required.

4. It’s the safest way to experience a real bona fide addiction.

5. It is a very welcome mental distraction from the all consuming topic of who is the most sleep deprived.

But back to The Wire – series 1. For those who are even more in the dark ages than myself, it is about the Baltimore police department and their attempts to tackle the drug problem in their city. You are advised to use subtitles as unless you are street you will miss valuable dialogue and the drug dealers have the best chat, most def.

It explores the power struggles, corruption, back biting and difficulties facing good police (pronounced poll lease) and juxtaposes that with the intelligent, slick but incredibly violent drug cartel run from The Projects.
And it is highly addictive. There are no big star names and according to Wikipedia it was never favoured with any top awards but has since been acclaimed as one of the most realistic police dramas ever screened on television.

Allow yourself the first three episodes to get hooked and forgive one or two over delivered lines that jar on the ear. It gets stronger and stronger as the series progresses and the characters unfold. I defy you not to find yourself hollering Five O as a warning whenever you spot a police car. You’ll be most def-ing whenever you are in agreement and muttering it’s all good for the rest of your waking hours. Word. (Trust me, I give you mine).

Series Two is on pause whilst I have a stint in rehab. It’s just until I’ve caught up with the washing and got some food in the house. Turns out kids get quite whiny if you don’t feed them everyday. then I’ll be back on the boxsets, gambling precious sleep units with just one more episode x