Children. Ageing?

Breaking news: children are more ageing than being mortar bombed. The “bloody rabbits” official photographer, my dear friend, tied the knot last Spring and we caught up with her lovely brother whom we hadn’t seen for over 10 years.

In that time he has completed 8 active tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and during a particularly scary 36 hour mortar bombing attack he found himself trapped in a toilet cubicle with a broken handle. Determined not to die on the lavatory he escaped that confinement and thankfully lives to see another day.

And I can honestly say he did not look a day older than when we last saw him. My husband and I on the other hand… 4 boys under 7; suffice to say many do not manage to hide their shock at our decent into middle age!

Arrhhh but I would not trade the lines, white hairs or birthing battle scars for a single moment. So whilst I’m feeling all soft and fluffy about my noisy brood, here’s one of their Baby Bunnies Amusing Musings

Gorgeous ratbag no.1 began shouting to me from the other end of the house to join him in the bathroom.

I hollered back from my end of the house that he shouldn’t shout and that if he wanted to speak to me he had to come and find me.

The volley of bellowing continued until the final WHAT? broke my resolve.

I joined him in the bathroom answering tersely Yes ? To which he replied in wonder,

“Look Mummy, my poo stain looks like a spider without a head” And as I stared into the toilet his poo stain did indeed look like a spider without a head.

If he becomes a creative when he grows up I shall be able to pin point the exact moment of his calling. xxx