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 Rufus Rabbit. Always going that extra mile to create a smile!

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Welcome to the humble world of Rufus Rabbit, the funny bunny creation of designer and Mummy to four, Anna Danielle. Rufus Rabbit started out as a greeting card character, publishing amusing but completely made up facts based loosely around real life. Then, towards the end of 2011 Rufus made the transition into a baby gift range. Based on nothing more than a “I think it could work” hunch from brothers and sister team; Gavin, Anna & Nathan. Greeting cards are their thing and yet with absolutely no prior knowledge of the baby or toy market these three and their fabulous motley crew of 6, set about bringing Rufus Rabbit to a nursery room near you.

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Four years on and our little bunny is finding his furry feet in the big wide world. Where others rely on cuteness to get them through life, Rufus knows his humour, sentiments, packaging and keen eye for detail are his unique bunny strengths. He is big on cuddles, design and quality. He’s also slightly obsessive about safety, which is why all of his collection has passed the most stringent safety testing and quality control.

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His special talent is packaging and this plays an integral role in the creation of a gift worthy to place at the feet of a new arrival. This parenting lark can get pretty tough and bringing up bunnies is much easier if it’s a team effort. This is why Rufus Rabbit likes to include the other special people in a little ones life. Many things make Rufus smile, chocolate dipped strawberries and a job well done rank very highly on his list but if he becomes the “chosen one” in your special bunny’s world (even if the moment is fleeting) he beams from tip to toe for weeks on end. It is an incredible honour and one he never takes for granted.

Born and bred in Derby, England. Rufus Rabbit snuggles up at The Little Dog and shares room with Anna Danielle’s other brand creation “the little dog laughed”. So if you are interested in anything rabbit, dog or cat inspired you’ve come to the right place.
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